http://connect2ny.orgA consequent of the afflictions of the elderly in general and Holocaust Survivors in particular is social isolation, forced upon them by their weak constitution, fear of crime and financial restrictions. This isolation results in increased subsequent emotional sensitivity and depression, which serves to complicate their already frail physiological state, and also insulates the seniors from awareness of and ability to pursue and apply for entitlement programs for which they might be eligible. In response to these and related problems, friendly visiting, telephone reassurance and related programs have come into great demand in many communities. Many victims of Nazi persecution are without the resources to provide for the care they require to assist them in their homes and relieve their isolation. Nursing homes, a traditional option for many elderly, are often not a desirable option for Holocaust survivors, for whom life in an institution with rules and regulations may be particularly traumatic. Home visitation services, such as provided by Connect2, serve to address these issues by providing respite from isolation and a means through which the needs of the survivor can be recognized, identified and addressed (through direct services from JCCGCI or referrals to other providers).

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