Connect2 offers companion-ship and support to Holocaust survivors.	Our volunteers  visit survivors on their homes, provide assistance, and build relationships

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Connect2 offers vital companionship and support to Holocaust Survivors living throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Volunteers visit survivors in their homes a minimum of one hour each week. Volunteers hear extraordinary stories, learn courage and perseverance by living example,  Read more


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Thanks for all that you do on behalf of the survivors of the Holocaust. It's a huge chesed and a true testament to the adages,"never again" &"we shall never forget".May hashem bless you with continued success!
Dr. Rami Mezrahi D.D.S., volunteer
Just spoke to my mother in law & she hurriedly put the phone down because Ora was coming to visit. Beautiful. She really looks forward to her coming. Isn't it a amazing? What a great program...
Etty Friedman, daughter-in-law of survivor Seren Friedman, age 87

News and Events

Dear Volunteers and Connect2 friends, Connect2, a program of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island, and NAHOS, The National Association of Children Holocaust survivors, are grateful to our dedicated friend Dina Leader who has joined forces with us to bring you a workshop on the history of Jewish Music and culture through stories and song. We will touch on some of the Russian Jewish history that may not be well known, as well as Jewish history and music in general until today. We hope you will not only enjoy it, but also that we will be able to come together in spirit, rather than physically during this time by singing and enjoying Jewish culture together! Please see the flyer below for details of the zoom link (on flyer itself), and/ or call- in number for our session!



 A Chanukah “Day of Goodness” at RAJE: “Good things come in small packages”


We are excited that we just had our “Day of Goodness” on the first night of Chanukah at RAJE in Brighton Beach Brooklyn! We gathered together considerably early for a Sunday at 11am to have some donuts, and learn more about the volunteer work we were going to start off this special day with.


However, giving back to others wasn’t the whole purpose of the day. We also wanted to give to our own “neshama” (jewish soul), by learning more about Chanukah and experiencing it together. We were privileged to hear a shiur from Rabbi Shully Boteach, and light our menorahs together at RAJE headquarters as a community, or rather a Jewish family.



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